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"Well presented and polished, I've been following Drone Film Guide for a while now and I'm a big fan. You can see that every detail of this production has been considered. It draws you in and carries you through. If at the end of this course I can produce work that's half as good I'll be happy."

- Tom Richardson, Drone Cinematography Crash Course Student

The Most ACTION-PACKED Drone Education Available Online!


As creators of the 8 hour Drone Cinematography Masterclass 2.0, we received tremendous demand for a shorter course aimed at the beginner-to-intermediate drone enthusiast wanting to fast-track their skills as a drone filmmaker or photographer.

Drone Cinematography Crash Course is an intensive 100 minute drone course FILMED ENTIRELY ON LOCATION in the stunning Scottish Highlands and let me tell you, it is one hell of a ride!

You will learn:

  • The SECRETS to flying your drone like a pro.
  • The SETTINGS we use to create stunning footage with ANY DRONE.
  • Our 5-step framework for CINEMATIC results every time.
  • How to SEE the world like an aerial filmmaker.
  • A demystified approach to COMPOSITION.
  • Insights into my creative approach during 3 live flight ADVENTURES.
  • And much, MUCH MORE!!

Filmed entirely on location in the glorious Scottish Highlands!


These are quotes from comments left in the various chapters of the course!

⭐ "Thank you Stewart! I really enjoyed your classes. A perfect amalgamation of knowledge, presentation, art and fun."

⭐ "Superb stuff Stewart, a real collection of gold dust here. Thank you for leaving your mistakes in the film too. Glad you are human!"

⭐ "Awesome job! Just loving this course so far! You guys have been an outstanding resource and I'll definitely recommend this!"

⭐ "It's been a great journey! I enjoyed every single lesson. Thanks so much for your support and for answering my questions! Great work!"

⭐ "Your videos are both informative and enjoyable. Your wife and you make a great couple and are always fun to watch! Keep up the great work!"

⭐ "Well presented and polished, I've been following Drone Film Guide for a while now and I'm a big fan. You can see that every detail of this production has been considered. It draws you in and carries you through. If at the end of this course I can produce stuff that's half as good I'll be happy."

⭐ "What a great course! I'm all fired up now to get out and practise all the things you talked about."

⭐ "Informative, picked up some useful tips along the way so on the whole, worth it? Most certainly! Another excellent piece of work. It really helps to see things put into practice and it's nice to know we all make mistakes."

⭐ "Warts 'n' all live style is an excellent way to illustrate the points. Well done and thank you!"

⭐ "Great content here Stewart...a real "crash" course...can't wait to get out and try these techniques out."

⭐ "Thanks Stewart, another great video, I really like your presentation style. Your enthusiasm mixed with breathtaking footage makes me want to get out with my drone and start practicing. Thanks again."

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the course?

1 hour and 40 minutes.

Is it suitable for my level of experience?

Drone Cinematography Crash Course is aimed at beginner to intermediate drone enthusiasts. For a complete, professional training, see our Drone Cinematography Masterclass 2.0.

What is NOT covered in this course?

Regulation, editing and the professional side of running a drone business are not covered.

What if I don't like the course?

Not a problem! We offer a 30 day money back guarantee, no questions asked!

How is this course different from Drone Cinematography Masterclass 2.0?

Our Drone Cinematography Masterclass 2.0 is an intensive, 8-hour training course for drone pilots looking to build professional and marketable skills in this industry. It is largely 'classroom' based whereas the Drone Cinematography Crash Course is filmed entirely on location in the Scottish Highlands.

When does the course start and finish?

It is entirely self-paced and you can watch online at your at your own speed, on any device, whenever you want, as often as you want!

Some of the incredible locations featured in Drone Cinematography Crash Course!

Your Instructors

Filmmakers first, drone enthusiasts second, here at Drone Film Guide we always stress that it's what you do with it that counts! As a husband and wife team, we were early adopters of drone technology in our commercial and wedding film businesses six years ago. With over a decade of professional filmmaking experience under our belts, we launched YouTube's Drone Film Guide in 2017.

Our advice and instruction is always founded on our personal experiences having flown hundreds of commercial drone flights filming landscapes, buildings, people, cars, rock bands and more! We fly accessible prosumer drones and produce outstanding results. You can too!

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